Course Materials


Includes course descriptions, requirements (readings, examinations and grades), course outline and reading list, examination and paper topics, and in some cases, outlines of lectures and examples of examination answers that received a grade of A. I have included both courses I have taught in the past and some I plan to teach soon. Note that the reading lists here are meant to provide students with an idea of the kinds of reading I require and also to give students taking my courses suggestions for additional readings. Thus they include somewhat more reading than I usually require.

  • Introduction to Political Theory
  • Ancient and Medieval Political Philosophy
  • Modern Political Philosophy
  • History of Law
  • Contemporary Political Ideologies
  • Contemporary European Political Theory (on Nietzsche, Heidegger, The Frankfurt School, Gadamer, Habermas)
  • Politics and Reason (Philosophy of Social Science and Contemporary Political and Moral Philosophy)
  • Democracy: Liberal vs. Participatory Democracy
  • Politics, Economics and Justice (The Political Economy of the Liberal Democratic State)
  • Human Rights: Justification and Contents
  • The Political Theory of Socialism
  • Psychoanalysis and Politics
  • Pluralism and Multiculturalism
  • The Theory of the Just War
  • Feminist Political Thought
  • American Political Thought

  • The Congress (Comparative Legislative Politics)
  • The Presidency
  • Jurisprudence / Philosophy of Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Law, Justice and Morality (Civil Liberties)
  • Parties, Interest Groups and Elections / Comparative Political Behavior
  • Equality and Social Welfare Policy
  • The Politics of Criminal Justice

Papers on Teachings

My Philosophy of Teaching

This paper was written as the introduction to my teaching portfolio, which is used for evaluation purposes at UNC Charlotte. It might be of interest to a student who is thinking of taking one of my courses.

Teaching Great Books on the Web

This paper discusses how I use the web in teaching seminars on classic texts.

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