Paper topics on Matthew

1. What is the connection between the morality Jesus presents in Matthew and his view of the end of the present era. In answering this question focus explicating one of the following moral positions Jesus takes:

a. His view of wealth;

b. His view of divorce and sexuality;

c. His defense of non-resistance to evil.

2. Compare and contrast the morality of Exodus and the morality of Matthew.

3. What group or groups of people are Jesus’s prime audience?

4. What was the role of the Messiah, according to Jesus in Matthew. Did Jesus, as portrayed in Matthew, think of himself as the Messiah?

5. Can Jesus’s moral teaching, as found in Matthew, be the basis of a satisfactory political ethic? What, if any, are the difficulties that Jesus’s teaching creates in our efforts to create a just political community? How can Jesus’s teaching be interpreted to overcome those difficulties?

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