How to know who is telling the truth about the election

Some people are having a hard time figuring out the truth about the election.

If you are too busy to explore all the claims by Trump and his supporters; read all the court cases in which they have put them forward, and understand why one judge after another has rejected them both because they have presented no evidence and made astoundingly unserious legal arguments, here is a simple cheat sheet.

Trump’s claims about the election are supported by very conservative federal and state legislators who are either scared of or are opportunistically seeking to win the support of Trump and his supporters.

Trump’s claims about the election have been rejected by equally conservative federal and state judges who are unconcerned by the views of Trump and his supporters.

That should tell you all you need to know about the truth of those claims.

And also should remind you of the wisdom of an independent judiciary.

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  1. Well said…..I’m amazed at how many people don’t understand how our government or legal system works.
    That’s actually the most frightening aspect of this whole curfluffle…..

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