Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-18

GOP's real plan to end immigration. Drive down wages to Mexican levels so no immigrants want to come here. #iowadebate # Perry says Hamas and Hezbollah are in Mexico on our border. Are Mexican immigrants crypto-Muslims, too? #iowadebate # @mattyglesias So does Romney re HCR # If radical theocracy is bad in Iran, why does Santorum want to bring it to the US? # Isn't Romney's y's head too big for his shoulders? And Bachman looks like a Kewpie doll. # Watching my first GOP debate this cycle. What a bunch! # Reading evolutionary psychology on m/w differences for book chapter. Not sure the field has made progress since we called it so-so biology. # @Josh_Shapiro Good news. Every day GOP has to work, the more damage they do! # Continue reading

The Imaginarium of Pat Toomey and Kevin Ferris

Today in the Inquirer, Kevin Ferris channels PA Senator Pat Toomey, who has been providing a Republican spin on the failure of the Super Committee. In the imagniarium of Pat Toomey and Kevin Ferris, the Senator courageously broke with fellow Republicans to propose a balanced, bi-partisan deal that would combine $450 million in tax increases along with $750 million in budget cuts to meet the Super Committee’s ten year goal. In rejecting this proposal, President Obama and the Democrats showed that they don’t truly want a balanced bipartisan solution to the deficit problem. This is what the proposal looks like when you take off the funny glasses. Toomey’s proposal would have raised revenue slightly—no more than $45 billion a year. But most of that increase would have come from the middle class not the rich. Toomey proposed to reduce the marginal tax rates for everyone by 20%. However, the absolute … Continue reading

Is a Long-Term Affair Really Worse Than Sexual Harassment?: the Conservative Understanding of Sexuality and Herman Cain

The bizarre moments in our political and cultural lives are sometimes the best windows into currents of thought underlying our explicit beliefs, currents that are so deep that we often don’t even recognize them as our own. Which is worse: sexual harassment or a long term affair? Consider, for example, the reactions of conservatives to Herman Cain’s alleged sexual misconduct. Two weeks ago, when Herman Cain was charged with sexually harassing multiple women, conservative ran to his defense. They claimed that sexual harassment is an overblown phenomenon and attacked the credibility of the women who accused him. And yet last week, when a woman came forth to say that she had a long term affair with Cain, most conservatives criticized him and said that his candidacy was or should be over. One would think that sexual harassment—that is using material inducements and physical pressure to induce a woman to have … Continue reading