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For City Commissioner: Carol Jenkins and Lisa Deeley

Two candidates for City Commissioner stand far above all the others. Carol Jenkins and Lisa Deeley. City Commissioner is one of those row offices that carries out a really important function that is utterly unknown to most people. The City Commissioners are responsible for making sure that the machinery of our elections—from the books that […]

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Sat, May 16 2015 » Philadelphia, Progressive Politics » No Comments

Jim Kenney, with pleasure.

I’m going to vote for Jim Kenney for Mayor next week. One reason, as I wrote earlier in the week, is to stop the Four Billionaires from electing a Mayor. But there is another reason as well. I think he could be a really good mayor. That he’s even running tells you a lot about […]

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Fri, May 15 2015 » Philadelphia, Progressive Politics » No Comments

Council at Large Choices

Here’s why I’m voting for Sherrie Cohen, Helen Gym, Bill Greenlee, Wilson Goode, and Derek Green for City Council at Large We have, it seems, almost an embarrassment of good candidates for Council at Large this year including both challengers and incumbents. But look closely and a few stand out above the others, not just […]

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Thu, May 14 2015 » Philadelphia, Progressive Politics » No Comments

What Has to Change and What Doesn’t: A First Look at Klein

Introduction I’d been planning to read “This Changes Everything (TCE)” for a few months, both because I want to learn more about the climate change issue and because I want to learn more about Naomi Klein’s take on the world. I’ve doing preliminary work on a project of my own on progressive political and policy […]

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Thu, January 29 2015 » Environment, Philosophy, Political Organizing, Politics, Progressive Politics, Public Policy » No Comments

A last word on the Controller’s race

The response to our letter on Brett Mandel has been predictable, and for the most part good. Many progressives who have shared our qualms about Brett have come out and taken a public position. And many of those progressives who support Brett have denounced us for joining a “ward leader, party hack” who is backed […]

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Fri, May 17 2013 » 2013 Controller race, Philadelphia, Progressive Politics, Ward politics » No Comments

The Progressive Moment

This is a progressive moment, when we have an opportunity to once again reinvent the government to meet our goals. We have to recognize our opportunities, and also recognize that our task is not to mimic the right and talk only to ourselves but capture the imagination of the public as a whole. We have to articulate new innovative public policies that articulate the progressive ideals that Americans broadly share.

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Sat, March 2 2013 » Politics, Progressive Politics, Public Policy » 1 Comment

Ask Allyson Schwartz to run for Governor!

Barack Obama is back in office and moving in a liberal direction. So now it’s time to think ahead about building progressive power. The most important thing we can do in Pennsylvania is to replace Tom Corbett as Governor. So it’s a little surprising to me is that, with all the talk about this candidate […]

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Tue, January 22 2013 » Pennsylvania, Progressive Politics » 30 Comments

What do do-nothing legislators do?

There is a class of legislators who pundits sometime pick on for not being “effective.” They are politicians who typically stand a little to the left (for Democrats) or right (for Republicans) of their party. Then tend to come from relatively well-off, safe districts. Their constituents are more ideological than most and less in need […]

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Tue, May 1 2012 » A political memoir, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Political Organizing, Politics, Progressive Politics » No Comments

Cohen and Josephs for State Representative

There are some difficult State Representative races for progressives in the city this year. In two of them, long time advocates of progressive causes, Babette Josephs in the 182nd  and Mark Cohen in the 202nd, are in races with younger and ambitious challengers, Brian Sims and Numa St. Louis. How do you choose between candidates […]

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Thu, April 5 2012 » 2012, Philadelphia, Politics, Progressive Politics » No Comments

Stacie Ritter, Obamacare, and Me

This is a story mostly about what Obamacare means to my colleague and friend Stacie Ritter. But is not just a story about a woman whose family has and will continue to benefit from the Affordable Care Act. It’s also about how the struggle for health care for her family has changed Stacie and made […]

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Tue, April 3 2012 » About me, Health Care, Progressive Politics » 1 Comment