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More on why PLCB privatization is a bad idea I: state revenues

As I prepared to do a radio interview with Marty Moss-Cohane yesterday (which you can listen to here), I delved more deeply into the issue of privatizing the state wine and spirits stores than I had before. And it turns out that the arguments for not doing so is even stronger than I had realized […]

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Thu, March 21 2013 » Pennsylvania, Politics » 4 Comments

Allyson Schwartz and the abortion issue

I keep hearing from intelligent people who know something about politics that Allyson Schwartz can’t win statewide because she directed a women’s health center—the Elizabeth Blackwell Center—that along with providing a wide range of health services, also provided abortions. (BTW, my wife’s first job was working at the Blackwell Center. Yes, we go back with […]

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Mon, March 4 2013 » Pennsylvania, Politics, Women and Health Care » 28 Comments

Ask Allyson Schwartz to run for Governor!

Barack Obama is back in office and moving in a liberal direction. So now it’s time to think ahead about building progressive power. The most important thing we can do in Pennsylvania is to replace Tom Corbett as Governor. So it’s a little surprising to me is that, with all the talk about this candidate […]

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Tue, January 22 2013 » Pennsylvania, Progressive Politics » 30 Comments

What do do-nothing legislators do?

There is a class of legislators who pundits sometime pick on for not being “effective.” They are politicians who typically stand a little to the left (for Democrats) or right (for Republicans) of their party. Then tend to come from relatively well-off, safe districts. Their constituents are more ideological than most and less in need […]

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Tue, May 1 2012 » A political memoir, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Political Organizing, Politics, Progressive Politics » No Comments

The silence is deafening–our broken politics and the schools

Under tremendous financial pressure that is the result of recession and drastic cutbacks in funding from Harrisburg, the SRC is about to blow up our school system. The SRC plan reshuffles the chairs on the Titanic but as far as I can see does little to stop the ship from sinking. They Mayor tells us […]

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Thu, April 26 2012 » Education, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia » No Comments

Will Mayor Nutter lead a movement to save our schools?

Michael Nutter talked a great deal about education during his reelection campaign. His inaugural speech focused on education. He said he wanted to take on responsibility for the schools. But today the SRC announced that the School District in Philadelphia is going to be drastically downsized. Many schools will be closed. More students will attend […]

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Wed, April 25 2012 » Education, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia » No Comments

Why I’m with Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz

Nate Kleinman, a former staffer for Josh Shapiro and activist with Occupy Philly, has decided to challenge Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz in the Democratic primary. I know Nate a little and he seems like a decent, smart guy. But I think he is making a terrible mistake. Normally I would just ignore his challenge, since I […]

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Tue, February 7 2012 » Occupy Philly, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Progressive Politics » No Comments

As Joshua takes power let’s thank the Moses of Montgomery County Democrats

On Wednesday, Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards will take office as Montgomery County Commissioners after winning the most important political race in the state in November. As you must know, this will be the first time in this history of the County that Democrats have controlled the County Commission. At the same time Joe Hoeffel […]

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Mon, January 2 2012 » Pennsylvania, Progressive Politics » No Comments

My father and the rally for Wisconsin workers

There is a rally for Wisconsin’s workers this week in Philly. Please join labor and other organizations including Penn ACTION to stand up for labor on Thursday 2/24/11 @ 11:30 PM at Thomas Paine Plaza in front of the Municipal Services Building across from Philadelphia City Hall. I won’t be there because my father died […]

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Mon, February 21 2011 » Family Stories, National, Pennsylvania, Politics » No Comments

It's not about D or R, it's about democracy

Pennsylvania’s democracy needs the help of political activists like you today. Most people don’t pay much attention to the rules under which our legislatures operate. But you have seen what undemocratic procedures like the filibuster can do to our democracy. That’s why I writing to urge you to contact your State Representative to tell him […]

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Fri, January 28 2011 » Pennsylvania » No Comments