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Why I’m with Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz

Nate Kleinman, a former staffer for Josh Shapiro and activist with Occupy Philly, has decided to challenge Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz in the Democratic primary. I know Nate a little and he seems like a decent, smart guy. But I think he is making a terrible mistake. Normally I would just ignore his challenge, since I […]

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Tue, February 7 2012 » Occupy Philly, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Progressive Politics » No Comments

Why Occupy Philadelphia Needs to Continue

In the last few months, the Occupy Movement has had a dramatic impact on politics in America. At a time when even Democratic politicians and progressive newspapers have shied away from raising critical issues of inequality in income, wealth, and power, the Occupy Wall Street has moved them to the forefront of our public debates. […]

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Fri, November 18 2011 » Occupy Philly, Progressive Politics » No Comments

Occupy Philly goes to Washington (and why it is so important to keep going).

Last Thursday I led a group of people to Washington, DC to attend a National Nurses United rally in support of a financial transactions tax (FTT) and to meet with two of Senator Bob Casey’s legislative aides. Some of the people with us are heavily involved in Occupy Philadelphia. Others were HCAN, MoveOn or Neighborhood […]

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Tue, November 8 2011 » Economic Justice, Occupy Philly, Political Organizing, Progressive Politics » No Comments

Why you should go to DC in support of a Financial Transactions Tax

Heal America! Make Wall Street Pay! Event The National Nurses Union (NNU) is holding a rally and lobby day this Thursday, December 3, in Washington, DC in support of a financial transactions tax. The event is co-sponsored by the AFL-CIO and other progressive organizations. Here in Pennsylvania, Health Care For America Now (HCAN) is working […]

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Mon, October 31 2011 » Economic Justice, Occupy Philly, Political Organizing, Progressive Politics, Public Policy, Social Justice, Taxation » No Comments

What Movement Building is About or Why We Don’t We Have a Laundry List of Demands

I’ve gotten pretty sick of hearing journalists and others say that the Occupy Wall Street movement has no “clear ideas or demands.” I keep wondering where political critics were when the Tea Party first arose as I don’t recall anyone calling the Tea Party out along these lines, other than to kill “Obamacare” and cut […]

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Fri, October 28 2011 » Occupy Philly, Political Organizing » 1 Comment

Picking the right target for Occupy Philly

The Occupy Philly meeting last night was one of the best examples of direct democracy in action I’ve ever seen. We had some serious talk about where and when to being Occupy Philly. People listened to each other and changed their minds as the discussion proceeded. We made a decision. And we did it in […]

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Wed, October 5 2011 » Occupy Philly, Political Organizing, Progressive Politics » No Comments